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Commission Members & Staff Contacts

Current Commission Members, Membership Status and expiration of terms.

Commission Members

Commissioner Status/Appointment Term*
Dyanne Miller Cemetery Association 2021
David Simmons Cemetery Owner/Manager 2024
Linda Cotten Cemetery Association 2024
Sharon Weaver Public Member 2021
Bill Gaffney President,  by Speaker 2021
Lenual S Primus Cemetery Association 2021
John A. “Winn” Graham by Senate Pro Tempore 2021
Ebbie W Hendren Cemetery Owner/Manager 2021
Bobby C. Townsend Public Member 2024

*Commission member terms expire on June 30 of the year indicated.

Commission Staff

Pinewood Building
1001 Navaho Drive, Suite 207
Raleigh, NC 27609-7318

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(919) 981-2536

Fax: (919) 981-2538